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The Golden UniFi

Golden AP

Some lucky buyer worldwide will get this Golden AP.


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New Product - UniFi-Outdoor+

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Take UniFi outdoors and link further than the standard UniFi with the UniFi-Outdoor+.  

The UniFi-Outdoor+ includes two external antennas and a secondary Ethernet port for bridging. It supports 802.11n MIMO, with speeds of up to 300 Mbps and a range of up to 183 m.

Technical Description

  • UniFi AP Outdoor+ unit capable of 300Mbps speeds and links up to 183m.
  • 48V POE.
  • Sleek wall-moutable and pole-mountable design (all accessories included)
  • Included Power over Ethernet capability for single cable wiring (supplies both power and data)
  • Innovative Multi-lane RF technology provides superior throughput and capacity in dense, noisy environments.
  • UniFi Controller software included (no special hardware controller required)
  • Highly intuitive setup and configuration with many powerful features (no special training required)   
  • Scalable to 100’s of devices while maintaining a single unified management system

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New Product - UniFi-AC-Outdoor

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The fastest outdoor model supports 802.11ac and speeds of up to 1300 Mbps in the 5 GHz radio band and up to 450 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz radio band.

The UAP-AC Outdoor offers simultaneous dual-band operation with 3x3 MIMO technology for each band. It has a range of up to 122 m and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Technical Description

  • UniFi AP Outdoor AC unit capable of 1750Mbps speeds and links up to 183m.   
  • 48V POE.
  • Sleek wall-moutable and pole-mountable design (all accessories included)   
  • Included Power over Ethernet capability for single cable wiring (supplies both power and data)   
  • UniFi Controller software included (no special hardware controller required)   
  • Highly intuitive setup and configuration with many powerful features (no special training required)

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Supply Update

Here is the latest status on short supply or new products.

Product ETA Comments
UAP-Outdoor+ On order  New product
UAP-AC-Outdoor On order New product
TS-5-POE Back in stock  
UAP-Pro/UAP-PRO-3 Back in stock  
UAP-AC Now in stock  
NanoBridgeM2 Now in stock  
NanoBridgeM3 New stock due in Oct  
RocketM2-Ti New stock due in Oct  
airVision-NVR Stock due in Oct New product
EdgeRouterPOE-5 Stock due in Oct New product
airGateway Stock due in Oct New poduct


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Cross an EdgeRouter with a ToughSwitch, and now you have the ERPOE-5.

The unit supports 0, 24, and 48 V POE (software selectable) on each port. As shipped from the factory at the moment, it comes with a 24 VDC power supply, so can only output 0 and 24VDC POE. If you provide your own 48VDC @1.25A power supply, then it can output 0, 24, and 48 V POE.

Our understanding is that as soon as Ubiquiti qualifies a suitable 48V DC power supply, these units will ship from the factory with 48V DC supplies. But the initial factory shipments will only include the 24V power supply. We do not have a time scale on when the 48V supplies might start shipping.

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This exciting little product is basically a tiny, POE-powered AP. In fact, it runs airOS so it has all the software features of any Ubiquiti "M" series product, such as Router, AP, Station, etc.

It is a SISO (single antenna, built-in, 1 dBi gain) product. The max. EIRP (transmit power) is only 18 dBi in Wireless-G mode, and 15 dBi in Wireless-N mode. So the range is not the same as a UniFi, but the price will be very low.

It mates to the new range of Ubiquiti POE injectors (shipping now with products from the factory).


Q: Does it run UniFi
A: No .... but there is a lot of demand for that to happen. Who knows if Ubiquiti will get UniFi running on it, but lets hope so. Feel free to make your ideas on this know on the Community Forum.

Availability: September ??
Price: Less than $30ea.

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airVision-NVR and airVision V2

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Ubiquiti recently made these two announcements:

  • The airVision-NVR appliance (Hardware), and
  • airVision Controller software V2 (Software)

Hardware Appliance

The new airVision-NVR appliance is a Network Video Recorder (NVR)-in-a-box.

It is a compact, plug-and-play NVR appliance with low power consumption. The airVision software is pre-installed for quick and easy installation. No additional software is required. Plug it into the network, go through the configuration wizard, and it is set up and you are ready to go.

The airVision-NVR has a built-in 500 GB hard drive. This equates to approximately 1200 recording hours @ 480p resolution or 400 recording hours at 720p resolution (these can vary depending on the frame rate). For additional storage, connect USB 3.0 hard drives or network storage devices.

Availability: Should be on our shelves August or September.
Price: Less than $400ea (by the carton).

V2 airVision Software - Improved Reliability and Performance

airVision 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve reliability and performance.  Recordings now use H.264 video instead of Motion JPEG for crisper video with smaller file sizes. airVision 2 supports these new features:

  • Up to 50-camera deployments. This is a big improvement over V1.
  • Audio recording on cameras with audio capability.
  • Camera based motion detection. (No longer done in the airVision controller).
  • Better disk management.
  • Works with the existing airCamera range. No need to buy new cameras.
  • Mobile device support. Accessible on iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices.

Availability: Now. See Downloads.
Price: Free - like all Ubiquiti software.

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We have these dates for Ubiquiti AirMAX Admin (UAC) training this year. Please inform your customers. The full list for 2013 is:

  • Sept 24-15: Melbourne  Sold Out

Also, we can do custom in-house training for you or your customers.

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