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Sept 2014 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas

New Online Training


UniFi Training1

UniFi Training2

In a world's first, Online training (developed in Australia) is now available for the Ubiquiti products shown.

We believe this will benefit our customers in a number of ways:

  • Cheaper - than attending a formal 2-day course in a classroom environment.
  • Faster - no need to wait until the next classroom course is scheduled nearby.
  • More convenient - the self-paced courses can be scheduled around other demanding work.
  • More practical - the Ubiquiti classroom courses are great for students needing to delve deep into theory such as Radio Waves, Antenna design, TDMA protocols, Link-Budgets, UniFi-WiFi site surveys, etc. But in many cases, students just want to know how to setup some very common scenarios. These Installer courses are targeted with less theory and more practice.

The way each course works is ... each student:

  • signs up and receives by email a set of detailed course notes. These can be kept as a reference document for use later on-the-job.
  • is allocated real test hardware for 7 days. This is hardware the student gets to configure (over the Internet).
  • passes an online quiz for each module. When all module quizes have been passed, the student gets emailed a Certifcate of Completion.

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New Products - In Stock Now


EdgeMax Switches

Managed Gigabit 24 port switches.




Featuring proprietary airMAX® ac technology, the Rocket™5ac Lite is ideal for deployment in Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging applications requiring maximum performance. Supports up to 450+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput.

Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) functionality will be added via a future firmware upgrade.




Using airMAX ac technology, the PBE-5AC-500 supports up to 450+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput.

It launches with PtP functionality, and a client mode feature will be added with a future firmware upgrade.

The PBE-5AC-500 also includes a protective radome to shield the radio from the elements.

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NanoBeam Wall Mount Kit

You can use the optional NBE-WMK Wall Mount Kit for enhanced stability when mounting the NanoBeam on a wall.

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 Upcoming Products

The products below have been announced. We will keep you updated via this newsletter as we learn more.


UniFi Switches - 24 & 48 port

Basically similar to the EdgeSwitch range, but these switches are managed by the cloud-ready UniFi-Controller.

Centrally Managed Gigabit 24 and 48 port switches.

ETA: ????

More ... and More...

Hint: Prioritising a Backup Link

Here is a common problem - but surprisingly hard to solve - until now.

  • Customer wants to bridge (Layer-2) two sites.
  • He wants a nice fast PtP link, so you install an airFibre link.
  • He also wants a backup link in case there is a problem on the airFiber link, so you install a parallel airMAX link (e.g. a pair of PowerBridges, or PowerBeams).
  • But how do you configure things so that the airFiber link is the priority, and the backup (slower) link only kicks in when needed?

Turns out there is a documented, but not well known feature of the ToughSwitch range and that is they prioritise the ports, with lower number ports having higher priority. And this is the 'factory default' mode, so you don't even have to configure anything.

If you have:

  • airFibers plugged into ToughSwitch Port 1 at each end, and
  • backup link plugged into Port 2 at each end,


  • The backup link will only come to life if the airFiber link fails

Here is an extract from the ToughSwitch User Guide:


Path Cost  The lower the value, the better. STP uses the Path Cost to determine the best path between devices. In most cases, specify lower values for ports with higher bandwidths, such as gigabit speeds, and specify higher values for ports with lower bandwidth. You can also specify lower values for ports you prefer to use. (Path Cost supersedes Priority.) The default is 0.

Priority  The lower the value, the better. STP uses the Priority as a tiebreaker. If the Path Cost of multiple ports are the same, then STP chooses the port with the highest Priority (lowest value) as the active port (the others are blocked). If STP detects a network loop, then a port with higher Priority is less likely to be blocked. If multiple ports share the highest Priority, then STP enables the port with the lowest port ID. The Priority range is 0 (highest priority) to 255 (lowest priority).The default is 128.


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Tell us of Your Success

Do you have a WiFi success story you would like to share with other Freenet Antennas customers? If so email us the details and we might publish in our next newsletter.

 22km airFiber-5 Link

AF-5 22 km


Graham in Victoria setup this link for a customer.

More ...

Recommended Firmware

Each month we will update this table.


Recommended Firmware


Ubiquiti a/b/g



Ubiquiti "M"

XM:  V5.5.8
XW: V5.5.9

UniFi Controller





Check the forum for latest



Check the forum for latest


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