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December 2011 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas


3 Containers  coming!

Despite our best efforts - we have run out of some popular lines of Ubiquiti gear recently. Part of the problem has been with our overseas supplier; we have given them 3 months notice, paid in full 2 months in advance, and then at the last minute they tell us they can not supply all we ordered.


To get around that - we have ordered what we hope is 2 year's supply of Ubiquiti gear - that is 3 containers full. They are arriving in Jan/Feb-2012. My guess is we will order at least one more container before the year is out!

Rob Clark

New Products

We have a number of exciting new products coming over the next month or two.

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Rocket Dish 34 dBi, 5 GHz

In addition to the 30 dBi Rocket Dish we already stock, we are adding the 34 dBi version. These MIMO (dual-polarity) dishes are designed for use with the RocketM5 and are for those really long-distance links.


More ...

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Ideal for mounting something like a NanoStation on a wall. The EasyBracket-Universal is made from UV stabilized ABS plastic ... that means no corrosion, and able to handle harsh exposure.


More ...

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The interest in these products has been high. We have had a number of units under test for a number of months and we are pleased to say the software is now very stable on Ubuntu.

The units have all completed C-Tick testing - so we are ready to roll them out as soon as they arrive.

ETA on our shelves ....

AirCam 20-Dec-2011
AirCam-Mini 20-Jan-2012
AirCam-Dome 20-Jan-2012

More ...

Tell us of Your Success

Do you have a WiFi success story you would like to share with other Freenet Antennas customers? If so email us the details and we might publish in our next newsletter.



Eastgate Shopping Centre - Rivervale

  When tasked with putting high resolution CCTV cameras at a Rivervale Shopping complex, Zenien turned to Freenet Antennas and Ubiquiti for a solution to get data back to a central recording location. With 4 poles surrounding the carpark and no data links between them yet each pole having to facilitate numerous multi-megapixel IP camera systems, Zenien used the Ubiquiti Rocket coupled together with a 120 degree sector antenna as the base station. Ubiquiti Nanostations were used on each pole to beam the traffic back to the main base station and that footage is subsequently sent wirelessly to a recording server approximately 1km away. Even without direct line-of-sight this set-up has worked very well and the clients are amazed at the HDTV standard image quality.  


Recommended Firmware

Each month we will update this table.

Device Recommended Firmware Comments
UltraWAP-G V2 V1.31  
UltraWAP-N Factory FW  
Ubiquiti a/b/g V4.0  
Ubiquiti "M"



We have gone back to recommending V5.2.1
Instability issues reported with V5.3.3.

Some newer products can not be downgraded below V5.3, so in that case we recommend V5.3.3

RouterStation(Pro) OpenWRT Backfire 10.03 Supports MIMO (SR71-12/15 radio cards)


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