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June 2012 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas

Beat the Tax Man, and Price Rises


Reduce your Tax Bill for 2011/12.

Buy before the End of the Financial Year.


And .. with the Australian Dollar down significantly from a few months ago, new stock is arriving now that we will start selling soon. When existing stock is exhausted, we will have to put the prices up.

 Rob Clark

Android IP Camera Viewer

Ubiquiti AirCam Compatible


Stumbled across a great, free Android App that  can display Ubiquiti AirCam images live. And it can record snapshots, or video.

IPCam Viewer Lite

Awarded Best Software Award 2011 in Utilities category.

More ...

New Product Announcements by Ubiquiti

The products below have been announced. We will keep you updated via this newsletter as we learn more.

Since our last newsletter Ubiquiti has:

  • released Datasheets for the RocketM-Titanium, and the Titanium 5G Sector antenna
  • confirmed our Titanium 5G Sector antennas, UniFi-Pro, and the new ToughCables will be in our containers shipping at the end of May, so our ETA on the shelves for these products is end-June (or earlier).

Click image to enlarge

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Titanium Radios

These are enhanced versions of existing products. They have:

  • Aluminium housings, giving improved shielding which can be a benefit when multiple radios are on one tower.
  • Faster CPUs giving about a 10% speed boost
  • Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Built-in GPS sync (RocketM5 only)
  • 48V POE (compatible with standard POE switches)

Announced products are

  • RocketM2/M5 Titanium
  • BulletM2/M5 Titanium

Price: Unknown
: Sept 2012 (est). Waiting on C-Tick testing

  • RocketM: Download
  • BulletM: Not available yet


More ...

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Titanium Sector Antennas

They have adjustable beamwidths (60, 90, 120 degrees), enhanced RF isolation, and better protection for the pigtails

Price: Approx $360
Availability: 28-June  (est.)
Datasheet: Download

More ...

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This UniFi unit has the following enhancements over the standard UniFi:

  • Gigabit ethernet ports (2)
  • Dual 2.4 and 5 GHz radios (simultaneous)
  • 48 V POE (compatible with switches)
  • Security Lock

Price: $335 ea (est. incl GST)
Availability: Waiting on C-Tick testing. On shelves ETA 28-June

More ... 

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ToughCable-Pro (Replaces TC-L1)
ToughCable-Carrier (Replaces TC-L2)

These cables are replacements for the ToughCable-Level-1/Level-2 products. They have enhanced:

  • UV protection
  • Packaging

Price: 20 ~ 30% more than the TC-L1/L2 cables they replace, but still excellent value
Availability: We have 400 rolls on order with an ETA of 28-June,.

More ...

Ubiquiti wants an Aussie Photo!


Ubiquiti has asked for a (genuine) photo of their equipment deployed in a typically Aussie setting.

I guess a picture of a NanoStation with a Kangaroo in the foreground, or Sydney Opera House in the background would be ideal - but I am sure there are plenty of other iconic settings.

Please email any suitable photos to and I will make sure they are passed on to Ubiquiti.

Rob Clark

 Ubiquiti Tech Corner


Did you know that  Ubiquiti radios have AES encryption/decryption hardware in them?

WPA-AES encryption
WPA2-AES encryption

  - Done in hardware
 -  Fastest


 - Done in CPU
 - Slower


Ubiquiti UniFi can operate with a PayPal gateway - making it practical to have a pay-as-go HotSpot.

There are two ways to get this to work:

  • Use a Paypal Pro account, which is more expensive but simpler.
  • Use a Paypal Standard account.

Click image to enlarge

See this link for more information.

SD Card

Did you know that some Ubiquiti AirCams can record directly onto a removeable microSD card - without sending the video data across the network.


When set up this way - the camera only needs power - not LAN access. Ideal for setting up a camera to record what is going on while you are away.

The camera records AVI files onto the SD card. Recording options are:

  • Off
  • Continuous Record
  • Scheduled Record
  • Motion Record

And - you can fine tune the Motion recording by setting the motion sensitivity and by selecting a rectangular motion 'zone'.

Playback is via the internal WebGUI in the camera, or you can remove the card and play it back on another PC.

These cameras support microSD card recording:

Long Links

For Long PtP Links Ubiquiti recommends using Long Range PtP Link Mode.


But how long is 'Long'? It depends on channel width. Here are the latest recommendations from Ubiquiti.

Channel Width

Long Range PtP Link  Mode
recommended above ...

5 232 km
10 116 km
20 57 km
40 26.5 km

 Tell us of Your Success

Do you have a WiFi success story you would like to share with other Freenet Antennas customers? If so email us the details and we might publish in our next newsletter.

Recommended Firmware

Each month we will update this table.

Device Recommended Firmware Comments
UltraWAP-G V2 V1.31  
UltraWAP-N Factory FW  
Ubiquiti a/b/g V4.0.1  
Ubiquiti "M" V5.3.5 V5.5.1 released, but not recommended yet
RouterStation(Pro) OpenWRT Backfire 10.03 Supports MIMO (SR71-12/15 radio cards)
UniFi Controller V2.2.5  
AirVision Lastest Beta Check the forum for latest
AirCam V1.1.3 Check the forum for latest


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