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September 2012 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas


Advanced shielding and mounting for Ubiquiti Products

Available Soon

RF Armor produces Carrier Class RF shielding products for the Ubiquiti MIMO gear product line.

RF Armor  products:

  • reduce the front to back noise ratio,
  • significantly reduce co-location interference, and
  • greatly reduce foreign/hostile/neighbour interference

This results in increased performance by:

  • providing a lower noise floor resulting in faster radio connect speeds with fewer errors, and
  • better channel planning

In addition, these products provide physical protection to the radio and jumper cables (pigtails).

Freenet Antennas will have stock of most RF Armor products in October - it  takes 4 weeks to get them here by sea from USA. The primary applications for the products in Australia include:

  • Reducing co-location interference. When more than one radio device is mounted on a tower, it is common to get a performance hit. When a radio transmits, it prevents the nearby radios from receiving. The RF Armor shield kits greatly help in these situations
  • Bird damage. We continue to hear of cases where birds take a liking to the various cables around radios. These shield kits stop the birds getting in to the Ubiquti RF pigtails.
  • Sector Antenna Mounts. It can be tricky mounting multiple sector antennas (120 degree and 90 degree) on a single pole. RF Armour has 3-gang and 4-gang Cluster Mounts to make mounting these antennas easy.
  • Additional environmental protection. These kits add an extra layer of protection from the sun and rain.

Below are examples of the sort of products available from RF Armor.

Click image to enlarge

Cluster Mounts

Designed exclusively for the Ubiquiti Rocket and MIMO sector antennas.

The  cluster mounts allow Ubiquiti sectors antennas to be placed on a single pole at the same horizontal elevation in a very tight cluster.

Note also in the picture: The sector antennas are mounted with RF Armor Sector Shield Kits - providing RF shielding between the Rocket radios, protection from bird attack, and improved antenna performance.


Click image to enlarge

Rocket Dish Kits

Designed exclusively for the Ubiquiti RocketDishes.

Benefits include:

  • Lower noise floor
  • Cleaner signal
  • Superior signal to noise ratio
  • Less wireless retries and errors
  • Higher sustainable air rates
  • Up to 50% increase in performance

See the full range of RF Armor products.

Rob Clark 

New Products in Stock

Click image to enlarge
Radomes for Rocket Dishes

We now stock Ubiquiti Radomes for these antennas:

  • RD-2G24 (24 dBi, 2.4 GHz)
  • RD-3G26 (26 dBi, 3 GHz)
  • RD-5G30 (30 dBi, 5 GHz)
  • RD-5G34 (34 dBi, 5 GHz)

More ... 

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BulletM2/M5 Titanium

These Bullets come with metallic housings for better RF shielding, and improved waterproofing.



Upcoming Products

The products below have been announced. We will keep you updated via this newsletter as we learn more.

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RocketM Titanium

These are enhanced versions of the existing RocketM products. They have:

  • Aluminium housings, giving improved shielding which can be a benefit when multiple radios are on one tower.
  • Faster CPUs giving about a 10% speed boost
  • Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Built-in GPS sync (RocketM5 only)
  • 48V POE (compatible with standard POE switches)


approx 170%
more than
a RocketM

Late Sept 2012 
Waiting on C-Tick testing


More ...

Click image to enlarge

TOUGHSwitch - POE Switches

Ubiquiti has announced their range of POE switches.

Ports POE

Est Price
(incl GST)
Est Availability
5 24 $140 End Sept
8 24 and 48 $280 Oct?
TOUGHSwitch-Carrier 16 24 and 48 $630 Nov?

More ...

Click image to enlarge

AirFiber - 1400 Mbps Full-Duplex PtP Link

The interest in this 24 GHz product has been huge. People are placing pre-orders now.

We have a lot on order, and have been told they will make it into stock approx. mid October.

What we do know from Ubiquiti is:

  • They are only shipping so far to USA customers. They want to make sure the product performs well and there are no 'gotchas'.
  • Ubiquiti will start international shipments in Sept-2012
  • The price in Australia will be around $4500/link. (This price is only an estimate).
  • Customer testing in USA is seeing Full-duplex speeds of over 700 Mbps in each direction simultaneoulsy.


  • The ACMA does not allow us to operate in 24 GHz with the same EIRP (transmitter power) in Australia as in USA. So while we are allowed to use these, we will NOT get the 13 km range advertised in USA. We estimate a 3km (max.) range with no rain.
  • Rain fade is an issue at this frequency, but there are plenty of sub-1km range links where this product should perform well in Australia

More ...

Tell us of Your Success

Do you have a WiFi success story you would like to share with other Freenet Antennas customers? If so email us the details and we might publish in our next newsletter.


Recommended Firmware

Each month we will update this table.

Device Recommended Firmware Comments
UltraWAP-G V2 V1.31  
UltraWAP-N Factory FW  
Ubiquiti a/b/g V4.0.1  
Ubiquiti "M" V5.5.2 V5.5.2 released, and recommended
RouterStation(Pro) OpenWRT Backfire 10.03 Supports MIMO (SR71-12/15 radio cards)
UniFi Controller V2.2.5  
AirVision Lastest Beta Check the forum for latest
AirCam V1.1.3 Check the forum for latest


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