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April 2010 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas

New Products

We have continued to add to our range of products this month.  



5 GHz
MIMO (Dual Polarity) antenna
120 degree Sector

Carrier Class MIMO Base Station Sector Antenna

This antenna is designed to be used in a central base-station for Wireless-N applications in the 5 GHz band.

It is a dual-polarity (Horizontal and Vertical), 120-degree coverage sector antenna. Three units on a single pole gives 360 degree coverage.

It is designed to suit the Ubiquiti RocketM5.



Wireless-B/G/N (2.4 GHz)

Max. TCP/IP Speed:
2-way: 150 Mbps
1-way: 91 Mbps




The NanoStationM2 packs some phenomenal performance with a revolutionary design combining a high-gain 4 antenna system, advanced radio architecture, and highly researched and developed firmware technology allowing throughput, stability, and capacity performance rivaling even the highest-end WiMax networks.

The NanoStationM2 has been proven in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Additionally, it has an advanced Electrostatic Discharge/Electomagnetic Pulse (ESD/EMP) immunity design to protect against common outdoor radio and ethernet failures.

The unit is a complete package of:

  • 4-antenna package (built in); both horizontal and vertical polarisations
  • Radio package running AirOS V5
  • 2 x Ethernet Interfaces: 1 interface is a POE input; the 2nd delivers POE voltages to another Ubiquity-POE compatible device.

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Wireless-B/G/N (2.4 GHz)

Max. TCP/IP Speed:
2-way: 150 Mbps
1-way: 91 Mbps


Point-to-Point Bridge Link N NSM2 150 Mbps

Based on the NanoStationM2 from Ubiquiti, a pair of these units combines high-speed in an unobtrusive package. Each unit has a dual-polarity MIMO antenna built-in and is very easy to install. Like all our PtP products, all necessary parts such as POE cables and POE injectors are included.

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RouterStationPRO Indoor Enclosure

Indoor enclosure for the Ubiquiti RouterStation PRO

The RouterStation PRO enclosure is an aluminum extrusion enclosure for the Ubiquiti RouterStation PRO board. The RouterStation PRO board easily slides in and out of the case for easy access to the miniPCI slots.

The front panel includes cutouts for four ethernet ports, SDIO port, DC power, USB 2.0 port, reset button, serial DB9 connector, labels, three rpSMA punchouts for antennas, and cooling vents.

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StationBox for RouterStation(Pro)

We wanted to call this "Router-Up-A-Pole" but thought the better of it. If you have an installation that could benefit from moving the router up where the antennas are  (e.g. less POE/CAT5 cables) then the StationBox with an installed RouterStation(Pro) is ideal.

The StationBox is an outdoor enclosure. There is no included antenna - you add your own externally. (See the StationBox with 2 x 12 dBi 5GHZ antennas if you want the model with included antennas.)

The StationBox was designed to make installation of the RouterStation or RouterStation-Pro easy.

The enclosure is made from UV stabilised (for outdoor use) ABS plastic and is designed to house boards from a number of manufacturers. The boards are installed in the StationBox by using the supplied "base" and "spacers". The "base" includes prepared holes for different PCBs.

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Wireless-A (5 GHz)

Max. TCP/IP Speed:
1-way: 25 Mbps


Point-to-Point Bridge Link A SB 25 Mbps

This product is based on the StationBox (above) and consists of:

  • 2 x StationBox units. These weatherproof units come with 12dBi, 5 GHz antennas built in.
  • 2 x RouterStation or RouterStationPro embedded system boards. These units run the OpenWRT operating system.
  • 2 x SR5 miniPCI radio cards. These 400 mW cards are installed into the RouterStation(Pro) and tested. Contact us if you prefer the 600 mW XR5 cards instead.
  • 2 x Grounded 20m weatherproof LAN Cable cables. These cables run between the RouterStation(Pro) and the POE injector and prevent damaging static buildup during electrical storms.
  • 2 x POE Injectors. 

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Wireless-N (2.4 GHz)

Max. TCP/IP Speed:
1-way: 38 Mbps

PtPtP Bridge Link N RM2 38 Mbps

This Point-to-Point-to-Point (PtPtP) product is ideal for applications where:
  • You have no clear Line of Sight (LOS) and need to pass data via a mid-point, or
  • You want to join 3 locations and pass data among all three.

Being Wireless-N technology based on the RocketM2, this is fast. We have measured 38 Mbps end-to-end TCP/IP throughput.

The RocketM2 (in the center) is a MIMO (2-Antenna) Wireless-N unit. It will accept a SISO (Single Antenna) Wireless-N connection on either antenna connection, so we connect in with a pair of SISO BulletM2 Wireless-N units.

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Wireless-N (2.4 GHz)

Max. TCP/IP Speed:
1-way: 25 Mbps


PtPtP Bridge Link N UW 25 Mbps

This product is conceptually the same as the one above, except we use UltraWAP-N technology.

We have measured 25 Mbps end-to-end TCP/IP throughput.

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Testimonial of the Month


Thanks to your dishes we now have a -66!! Link from Perth City to Herne Hill (TIC Hill) 48/48Mbit using Bullet 5 (Non M) with 2ms ping times over a 31km link.


Note: Mitch used Bullet5s, and 26 dBi antennas.

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