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May 2012 Newsletter
News from Freenet Antennas

Ubiquiti Certification Training


The Ubiquiti Training Academy provides students the opportunity to gain experience and learn about Ubiquiti products and technologies in a hands-on instructor led environment. The Ubiquiti Academy program consists of classes held worldwide hosted by official Ubiquiti Certified Trainers. Attending these classes also provides the opportunity to obtain a professional certification in various Ubiquiti Product Technologies.

The Ubiquiti Training Academy’s first offering is the Ubiquiti airMAX Certified course and exam. Additional courses will be developed to support all product lines.


These certification courses can only be hosted by a Ubiquiti Certified Trainer (UCT), and require special network simulation hardware.

This month Freenet Antennas is attending one of the first UCT courses. We will then announce a program of cities/dates around Australia and invite you to sign up. Each course will be limited to a maximum of 10 seats.

If you would like to express interest in upcoming courses, please email


Ubiquiti airMAX Certified Admin

 The Ubiquiti airMAX Certified (UAC) course is the first course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This hands-on course provides both the background of foundational knowledge and the hands-on experience of building out a wireless communications system using Ubiquiti equipment.

Course Outline

  • RF Fundamentals
  • Antenna Fundamentals
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Link Calculations
  • Installation Best Practices
  • Ubiquiti's Unique Features 


Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin

(Coming Soon)


Ubiquiti airVision Certified Admin

(Coming Soon)

 More ...

Rob Clark 

New Products

POE Upgrade
Click image to enlarge

POE Convertor - Upgrade

Our POE 802.3af Converter is ideal for powering most Ubiquiti devices from an industry-standard 48 V POE switch. It converts the 48V down to 24V. It also means you no longer need the 240VAC power injector included with your Ubiquiti product.

To save you money, we now have an 'upgrade' option. You can have us exchange the factory supplied Ubiquiti POE injector with this inline POE Convertor.

Click image to enlarge

More ...


New Product Announcements by Ubiquiti

The products below have been announced but are not yet shipping. We will keep you updated via this newsletter as we learn more.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Titanium Radios

These are enhanced versions of existing products. They have:

  • Aluminium housings, giving improved shielding which can be a benefit when multiple radios are on one tower.
  • Faster CPUs giving about a 10% speed boost
  • Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Built-in GPS sync (RocketM5 only)
  • 48V POE (compatible with standard POE switches)

Announced products are

  • RocketM2/M5 Titanium
  • BulletM2/M5 Titanium

Price: Unknown
: Sept 2012 (est). Waiting on C-Tick testing

More ...

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Titanium Sector Antennas

Not much is known yet. They have adjustable beamwidths (60, 90, 120 degrees), enhanced RF isolation, and better protection for the pigtails

Price: Unknown
Availability: Sept-2012 (est.)

More ...

Click image to enlarge

This UniFi unit has the following enhancements over the standard UniFi:

  • Gigabit ethernet ports (2)
  • Dual 2.4 and 5 GHz radios (simultaneous)
  • 48 V POE (compatible with switches)
  • Security Lock

Price: $335 ea (est. incl GST)
Availability: Waiting on C-Tick testing. On shelves Aug-2012 (est)

More ... 

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ToughCable-Pro (Replaces TC-L1)
ToughCable-Carrier (Replaces TC-L2)

These cables are replacements for the ToughCable-Level-1/Level-2 products. They have enhanced:

  • UV protection
  • Packaging

Price: 20 ~ 30% more than the TC-L1/L2 cables they replace, but still excellent value
Availability: Factory will start shipping in June (?). We have 400 rolls on order with an ETA of July,.

More ...

Tell us of Your Success

Do you have a WiFi success story you would like to share with other Freenet Antennas customers? If so email us the details and we might publish in our next newsletter.


Recommended Firmware

Each month we will update this table.

Device Recommended Firmware Comments
UltraWAP-G V2 V1.31  
UltraWAP-N Factory FW  
Ubiquiti a/b/g V4.0.1  
Ubiquiti "M" V5.3.5 V5.5 released, but not recommended yet
RouterStation(Pro) OpenWRT Backfire 10.03 Supports MIMO (SR71-12/15 radio cards)
UniFi Controller V2.2.5  
AirVision Lastest Beta Check the forum for latest
AirCam V1.1.3 Check the forum for latest


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